The Educators’ Cooperative is a professional learning community designed to support all educators in all sectors, disciplines, and stages in their career. Membership starts with a weeklong summer workshop where teachers join a cohort and learn best practices in teaching & learning, collaboration, and support. In the months and years that follow, member teachers have access to monthly meetings where teachers continue their collaboration and conversations, space online for sharing resources, participate in non-evaluative observation and feedback, continue to meet with their critical friends group, join book groups, record podcasts, and more!

Leading education research shows that the most effective professional development for teachers occurs when we: 1. create the space for regular, supported, safe dialogue among peers, 2. use protocols for collaboration and cooperation across disciplines, 3. provide non-evaluative, authentic observation and feedback, 4. share collective responsibility for the growth, development, and support of one another. The Educators’ Cooperative has been providing all of this and more for more than three years.