What is the Educators’ Cooperative?

Nashville’s finest educators demonstrate teaching and learning best practices in the wide variety of classrooms across the city, from Joelton to Belle Meade, from Paragon Mills to Bordeaux. Anyone who has observed carefully balanced scaffolding, grappling, assessment, and feedback, regardless of the setting, knows they are seeing exceptional teaching in action.


Many of Nashville’s best teachers are engaged in this work just down the street from each other. Yet hectic schedules, demanding coursework, and professional obligations mean that they rarely find time to share their discoveries, learn from each other, cooperate, and see new, effective strategies in action. Where can teachers gather to share their successes with each other and learn from their collective experience?

We created that space, a Cooperative that welcomes the best among us who practice their craft in public schools, charter schools, and independent schools. It was a step towards creating meaningful connections between teachers all over Nashville, broadening the reach of our best practices. The growth and success in our second year points to a bright future for the Cooperative, its teachers, and their students.

We have much to learn from each other and our students have a great deal to gain from our trying. This is your opportunity to share with other teachers who are eager to learn and who are just as eager to return the favor. We are better when we do this together. The students of Nashville are counting on us.

The Educator’s Cooperative was founded by Greg O’Loughlin.  a teacher with 13 years of classroom experience in Nashville’s public and private schools. His experience as a Fellow at the Klingenstein Summer Institute in 2014 made clear to him the power of facilitated, teacher-to-teacher development. He returned to school motivated to create the time and space for all educators to learn from and along side one another, regardless of the type of school in which they teach.