Community Connections

The work of the teachers in the Educators’ Cooperative is supported by many businesses and organizations in the Nashville community. We are grateful for their contributions and donations and hope that you’ll let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to the Cooperative and the work of all of Nashville’s teachers.

Food, Drink, Treats, and Snacks are provided by:

Alexander’s Catering

The BeHive

Fido/Bongo Java Bakery


Mitchell Delicatessen

Yazoo Brewing Company

Our Mindfulness in the Classroom panels are one of the most high-impact experiences of the Cooperative summer workshop. The amazing leaders and practitioners at the Center for Integrative Learning and Teaching have been generous partners in creating panels full of a diverse set of experiences and perspectives.

Our closing dinner was hosted by OZ Arts Nashville. The artists and leaders at OZ are committed to supporting all of Nashville’s teachers in many creative and inventive ways. Check out their schedule for some incredible shows, and learn more about their connections to education here.

The geniuses at Stoke.d led the cohort on a journey of human-centered approach to problem solving unlike many of us had ever experienced. Design thinking for real problem solving and empathy driven solutions.

If you are interested in supporting the Educators’ Cooperative, please email Greg O’Loughlin at

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