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Cultivate & Collaborate Video Calls

We miss chatter in the hallways, snarky comments that make meetings better, random high-fives at dismissal, moments that only other teachers know – all of them. We don’t know exactly how to recreate that, but free, daily, open, video workshops are a good way to start. Click the topic & join the Zoom waiting room! (Please read our video call norms before joining a call.)

Date Description & information
Setting a thankful intention
Getting ready for beak – how will we refill our cups?
w/ Bela Herring: The Mindful School of Nashville
Wednesday 11/25Cultivate
No Call Tonight
Cultivate – The Culture Corner
No Call Tonight
No Call Tonight
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Cultivate Calls
We have so much to learn! Lucky for us, teachers are amazing and we know so much already! Zoom calls, YouTube channels, Instagram stories-as-instruction, Desmos, offline lessons, and more. An EdCo teacher will host instructional sessions where you can ask, try, practice, fail, and try again.

Collaborate Calls
Mini unconferences with a specific topic or question at the center of the conversation. No experts, all learners – some will have more to share and some will join in with nothing but questions and that’s a perfect mix! If you’ve been to an EdCampNash, it’ll be like walking into one of those rooms with an EdCo teacher facilitating.

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