Collaborative Connections with EdCo: Mike Mitchell and Eric Harvey

We’re pulling insights and shared experiences from EdCo Member, Mike Mitchell of Cohort 3.  Mike recently collaborated with Eric Harvey, having students produce, edit, and coauthor a weekly radio show.  Joining EdCo provides direct connection to amazing educators like Mike.  Click here to join Mike and hundreds of other teachers who have already benefited from the power of collaboration and the Educators\’ Cooperative’s professional community.


Eric Harvey and I had discussed creating a podcast for the 2020 – 2021 school year with his Audio Visual Integrated eXperience (AVIX) students. We decided that professionals being home during the pandemic might be one small thing that worked in our favor as educators concerning school this year.

We worked with his 7th grade students to host and produce the Pleasant Side Podcast named after the recording studio at Mount Pleasant Middle School of the Visual and Performing Arts.


Mr.Harvey’s students recorded three episodes this school year. Episode one with Fame Recording Studio manager Spencer Coats, Craig Havighurst news director of Roots Radio and Senior Producer, co-host and journalist for Music City Roots, and Alicia Bognanno lead singer of Bully.

All three episodes are available on spotify and have become the foundation and proof of concept that our students could produce, edit, and coauthor a weekly radio show, which they are now doing for WKRM radio 103.7 FM. The Kids on Stage Americana Central Time Steam Powered Radio Hour Airs on Thursday nights at 6 pm with host George Hamilton the 5th.


Pleasant Side Podcast Episode 3 w/Alicia Bognanno from Bully:  

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