The EdCo Collective Conference

Another Year Like No Other

The EdCo Summer Collective Conference is back! Join us for a day of learning and connecting with the area’s most insightful and committed educators who will be sharing highlights and lessons learned from teaching in yet another year like no other.


Across the city, teachers faced behaviors and responses from students that were unlike anything we’d experienced before. For many students who live close to the threshold of becoming at greater risk for chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance abuse due to adverse childhood experiences, living through a global health emergency tipped them over the edge into behaviors that were traditionally considered to be outliers. 
The EdCo Collective Conference will give you an opportunity to hear directly from educators about this year’s experience of rolling out new curricula, teaching English Language Learners, rehumanizing science, and more. Teachers will share resources, engage in discussion about their work, and connect with you in order to continue to find ways to serve all students in all schools. Registration is limited. Sign up today!
Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 9:00am – 3:00pm
Parking, Coffee, & Lunch included w/ registration (Lunch is included with registration if you register before June 20th.)


Highlights from last year’s Collective Conference

“What EdCo is doing right now is
the model – these cross sector
opportunities to really grow
equity minded educators – this is

Ashford Hughes – Executive Officer for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at MNPS

We learned so much this year – technology, relationships, assessment, & more. Let’s share notes, compare experiences, and make plans to keep what works in our practice and in our craft. Workshops hosted by EdCo members who have planned and collaborated across sectors are eligible to present.