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Educators' Cooperative

Cohort 3 member Natalie Elliot recently ‘’sat down” virtually with two Edco teachers, Chris Martin and Kevin Hritz. Chris teaches 5th grade Literacy at Meigs Magnet and Kevin teaches 8th grade math and algebra at Valor Collegiate Academy. This dynamic duo reminds us of the passion and magic found in all members of the cooperative …

Teachers Are Amazing

EdCo Teachers Collaborate Over Zoom During COVID-19

By Greg O'Loughlin, High School Teacher and Director of The Educators' CooperativeNever before has the entire education system shut down statewide on short notice. Shorter still was evidence of a plan in place to meet the needs of students, families, and teachers separated by essential distance. In the hours after Nashville understood that we were all …

Unpacking a Standard

EdCo teachers collaborate as a professional learning community to work together on assessment

This month's update from the CoOp Corner is chock-full of ideas you can use in your next team planning meeting or on your own reflecting on how to dig more deeply into the standards.

Lunch and Learn

EdCo Teachers Collaborate to

This month's update from the CoOp Corner features a reflection from Claire Delcourt, an Instructional Coach at LEAD Brick Church Middle. She shares how she uses her time in the cafeteria to focus on practicing (and then reflecting and improving in) what she preaches. A favorite part of my school day this year has been …

Doing The Work

EdCo Teacher presents at equity conference

Sometime at the end of last school year my Head of High School suggested that I organize a session for the National Association for Independent School’s People of Color Conference. I balked. As a white woman, it felt like an odd choice. My obvious lack of melanin (not to mention my naiveté as a fifth …

Collaboration Cubed

Vocabulary cube activity

In the latest update from the CoOp Corner, we have a story of collaboration that gets right to the heart of The Educators' Cooperative.  Lindsey Roe, a Middle School ELL teacher collaborated with Mike Mitchell, Art teacher at Father Ryan High School on a project that included not only their own shared planning and collaboration, …