Teachers sitting in circle

What teachers are saying.

“The opportunity to hear the different voices of awesome teachers across the broader community was invaluable. The experiences of teachers are so different yet so similar at the same time. Identifying the differences and exploring the similarities was very rewarding.”


“This was an amazing experience. The attention to every detail, thoughtfulness, and your passion were evident at every turn. This experience really challenged my thoughts and perspectives and forced me to take a hard look at some biases I may have unconsciously developed. I really appreciate the hard work and thought put into making this such a valuable use of time and energy. I really look forward to our Saturday meetings and to contributing however I can.”


“I loved the opportunity to build relationships with other educators that I\’d never have the opportunity to interact with otherwise.”


“The collaboration and community building with people from every educational sector in Nashville was so powerful! I love to learn about how people care for Nashville\’s children and use that information to identify areas of growth for myself and my school.”


“The highlight of my experience was building a network of educators who are just as passionate about what they do as you are. I love, love, love learning from others and this provided countless opportunities to do so.”

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