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      Amy Nystrand

      What are the things coming to your mind as you begin to think about transitioning to “distance learning”?

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      Colleen Cummings

      What are strategies that can help support equity in access without diminishing quality of content?

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        There may be some benefit to thinking about tiers of access – maybe 3: highly connected, moderately connected, and not connected, and then thinking about how each lesson or activity works in each of these conditions. Maybe teams can be assigned one of the three?

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      To add on to what Greg said about tiers of access, I came across this today and it looks beneficial. I’m still trying to figure out how to stay connected with all of my students during this time as well.

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      Does anyone know if anyone from MNPS or teachers can or have partnered with Nashville public TV (is that still a thing?) to bring educational TV programming in English/Spanish/etc. to the kids? Almost like how when we were little we had Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, but what if somehow we could broadcast teachers, or get some kind of program, to help close the inequality gap, and let parents know about the channel/time? It would help those with disabilities who aren’t able to navigate tech independently, and would potentially be easier to have more kids access as it would be public TV. (If it even exists)

      Just brainstorming and thinking aloud here.

      Got the idea from this article: (there are also some great resources and links for multiple subject matters at the bottom of the article)

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      @oloughlin How’s everyone holding up a few weeks in?

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