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      I’ve used GoBoard https://goboard.com/ to do online tutoring 1-to-1 from a distance. I don’t think it can accommodate a class of kids all logged on, but I’m considering using it WITH a Zoom call as sort of a white-board-on-steriods. Worth playing with if you are interested in such a thing!

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      Hey Joel, this was helpful, thank you. Knowing that most of my students won’t be able to work with me in live time, what I ended up doing was doing a screencast of myself when I talked on the site and was explaining/marking-up slides on the board. Then, I put that video in a Google Form for all of my students to access and answer questions about.

      Whenever you do the GoBoard with Zoom, could you explain how you set that up? Do you share your screen?

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        I think so, yeah. Like have a GoBoard session pulled up in a Browser window and share my screen via zoom when I’m ready to show something.

        I also think it’d be fun to investigate ALSO joining the same Zoom session with an Ipad, and then share the GoBoard app on the Ipad. Might be too much finagling to make that work, though.

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