Looking for a buddy? Have an idea you want to try with another teacher?

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      Looking for a buddy? Have an idea you want to try with another teacher?

      The Educators’ Cooperative is full of teachers looking for the same!

      Want try Google Classroom? Curious about YouTube Channels? Want to create an Instagram account to connect with your students? Want to brainstorm ways to try offline teaching and learning? We do too!

      Post your idea, question, or collaboration need here, or send a note to Collaborate and we’ll work to connect you with an EdCo teacher who would love to collaborate and see what’s possible.

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      Colleen Cummings

      This isn’t really looking for a buddy, but wondering if someone can vet my ideas?

      I’m about to send out a staff survey to see what tech capacities our staff members have, before we hone in too deeply on a plan. I’m planning to ask….

      1. Internet access?
      2. Computer access?
      3. Smartphone access?
      4. Ability to record and share a video?
      5. Ability to host office hours at a set time?
      6. Ability to respond to emails?

      What am I missing? What are other things we need to know before we dive in?

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      I recently did a survey from sciencebuddies.org to try to get a giftcard and they asked if I was teaching about covid. The following topics were were mentioned.

      Viruses, how they spread, and how they infect the body

      Immunity, including topics like how we acquire immunity and herd immunity

      How vaccines work

      What a pandemic is and the disease characteristics that cause one

      Interventions to stop a pandemic (social distancing, testing, etc.)

      The differences between COVID-19 and other viral infections like the seasonal flu

      How to stop virus transmission and stay healthy

      I was thinking that this would make a great list of topics to base lessons on to fold in to science class throughout the year. It would be cool to create lessons that would not only teach the science, but also provide the opportunity for students to tell their own stories about how they have been affected and how Nashville specifically has been affected.

      I really want to do this for my own class, but I know it would be a lot better and a lot more powerful if it was a collaborative thing.

      Here is one of the cooler resources I’ve found along these lines so far: https://ncase.me/covid-19/

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