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      Thank you to Mary Crnobori for sharing this resource.

      Trauma Informed Schools : Covid 19 Response

      March 20, 2020

      The Center for Partnership Studies and Riane Eisler welcomes Dr. Mary Crnobori, BCBA and Khayree Bey, BBSc, M.Ed for a timely dialogue on how families and school communities are impacted by COVID-19 .

      In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many schools are closing for weeks or longer and we know that students, parents and communities are in need of informed and inspiring support. Given the urgency of the real issues at hand, how can we can better care for our families and school communities in the coming weeks?

      Our webinar presenters are working directly with parents, teachers and schools to smooth this transition and offer effective trauma-informed responses. In this webinar, they’ll address:

      √ Trauma-sensitive practices that can address the fear, confusion, and questions of our children, while offering compassion and kindness.
      √ How to prepare for traumatized children when they return to re-opened schools
      √ The mental-emotional challenges of life-threatening personal illness and illness of loved ones
      √ Issues related to equity for districts considering moving to distance learning
      √ How our family, community and societal immune system is boosted and sustained by partnership systems

      Hosted by the Center for Partnership Studies:
      Facilitated by Sara Saltee

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