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      Online tutorials like Babble* are very tempting because we don’t have to make a lot of effort. We sit in front of the PC or use the smartphone and click through the exercises. In doing so, a very important element of language learning is lost, namely writing. Our brain is highly concentrated during the writing process, we pay much more attention to the correct spelling than when we “just” fill in gaps online and move words back and forth. Writing with paper and pen is a bit reminiscent of school days, but it is really effective. There are several ways you can incorporate writing into your learning process. On the one hand, you can easily write everyday things in Spanish. The shopping list, for example, or a small message to friends and family. You should also create a Spanish notebook and write stories by taking ideas from free Spanish short stories. Collect the vocabulary that seems most important to you every day. Also, use loose paper to practice writing the new words several times. This is the quickest way to memorize the new vocabulary.

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