What do we do throughout the school year?

Once the week is over, we enter the second phase of the Cooperative. Cooperative teachers share resources, provide professional support and problem solving, and share experiences and best practices in teaching and learning in a private online workspace, as well as at our monthly meetings hosted by schools in neighborhoods all over Nashville.

Our monthly meetings are a mix of sharing the latest from our classrooms, following up on our online conversations, asking for help, support, or resources, and school visits. They provide a rare opportunity to see schools all over the city Рthe classrooms, faculty lounges, libraries, labs, and student work spaces all offer a great deal of information and new ideas.

This past year, we’ve gone on field trips to relevant lectures or discussions at area colleges and universities and visited an area school during the school day to observe elements of SEL and mindfulness in action. Add to these meetings the occasional social event and the cohort develops into a professional learning community for educators unlike anything else in Nashville.