Only getting started.

My name is Kyleen Shyer, a third grade teacher at University School of Nashville, and a member of the first cohort! It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career to have participated in the Educator’s Cooperative and it is easy to see that what Greg is building is something phenomenal…revolutionary really, to borrow the word from another EdCo member.

Connecting teachers in public, independent, and charter schools both in urban and suburban areas around Nashville, the EdCo has really launched with a boom! For whatever reason, calling it “professional development” sounds a bit stuffy. It is professional development but it is also SO personal, engaging, motivating and inspiring. Following the week over the summer, each month, we’ve gathered at different schools from the CoOp for coffee and catch-up on a Saturday morning. We’ve swapped ideas, shared success stories, brought up questions where we need support, and enjoyed one another’s company. Even during busy times throughout the school year, coming together and gathering always left me with a full heart, a refreshed mind, and an inspired outlook for the weeks that were ahead.

In an effort to continue to keep us connected, and so we can hopefully share more often with more people, this Corner has been created. Twice a month, I’ll be posting on here, but a variety of Cooperative members will be sharing their own stories. Feel free to contact us with questions you have or with suggestions of topics that you’d like for us to explore. I find that in being a part of the CoOp, I’ve had more opportunities to ask questions and seek feedback than ever before in my career. And it’s SO FUN.

Right now, AS I WRITE, the second cohort is deep in their work! The group has grown from 20 teachers to 30, and I imagine that it’ll continue to grow as the snowball effect of this amazing work continues to spread! They’re tackling conversations about design thinking, mindfulness, participating in panel discussions and critical friends groups. Take a look at some of the photos of their work and keep up with us as we continue these conversations at the Corner. Can’t wait to see what we share together and how we continue to learn from one another! After all, the entire design of the EdCo is “by teachers, for teachers.” Let the conversations begin…

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