Phenomenal Teachers

EdCo Member, Amberly Sandberg, second grade teacher for Murfreesboro City Schools, was asked, “How did you get into teaching?” and her response was the perfect reminder of the power of teachers.  

*originally published May 4, 2021

They say, “Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery.”  It’s that mockery we hear time and time again when we ask teachers to describe why they got into teaching.  Love of learning comes up, excitement for a content area comes up, and reference to someone who so strongly inspired them that they followed the same career path, that comes up too. 


We heard it again recently during an interview with EdCo Member, Amberly Sandberg.  Amberly knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher.  She taught her stuffed animals and she taught the neighborhood kids.  Her teachers supplied extra worksheets to go home and play school, helping to feed her curiosity from an early age.  


“I had really phenomenal teachers growing up,” she told us. “I had a really great example of what passionate educators looked like.” 


Phenomenal teachers and passionate educators, they make a difference in the lives of students everyday.  They create “ah-ha” moments, lend a listening ear, notice when a kid needs new shoes or a new coat.  They form community partnerships and relationships with families.  And, they pass on such inspiration that the profession continues with the next set of incredible teachers.  We know that by looking at the work that Amberly does.  Thank you Amberly, and thank you to all those who came before her, and thank you to all those still to come.


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