Supporter Tier
$5 / month or more

Supporters recognize the importance of a mutual aid network of teachers, for teachers, by teachers. Nashville is a better place because of the work of EdCo, and this is a great way to show your support.

This Tier is for General Support. Anyone can join! Many are eager to chip-in to ensure EdCo can continue to offer high quality professional learning and community.

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Educator Tier
$15 / month or more

Educator Level Supporters enlarge our library of resources and expand the hours of access to EdCoLab, the home of our office, library, and collaborative workspace, where teachers work.

Some teachers love the programming, events, and resources we make available, but aren’t members yet. This Tier is designed to let non and future member educators contribute to our growing community.

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Facilitator Tier
$35 / month or more

Facilitators elevate teacher leadership by making it possible for more educators to present at our annual Collective Conference, where teachers share units and lessons with other educators and the larger Middle Tennessee community.

This Tier is for anyone who values the institution of teaching and wants to see it thrive in their city. Facilitators’ support provides educators with the resources they need to collaborate.

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Collaborator Tier
$65 / month or more

Collaborators empower our EdCo Exchange program, which proves targeted instructional observation, feedback, & coaching in classrooms all over the city. Part of our Cultivates programming, EdCo Exchange strengthens beyond-school-ties, and is a direct path of good ideas from classroom to classroom, unsiloing effective practices on behalf of all students.

Collaborators understand the generative nature of collaboration. Collaborators help ensure the future of education is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Community Builder Tier
$95 / month or more

Community Builders provide a full scholarship for a teacher to become a member of The Educators’ Cooperative, participate in the Summer Workshop, and grow a community of educators in all settings. Everything EdCo does starts with membership, and support at this level builds, strengthens, and stabilizes our vital community that teaches tens of thousands of students every year.

This Tier is for businesses and individuals to invest in the foundation of their community. Community Builder support helps EdCo realize its mission, vision and maintain its role as an active institution.

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Your support goes a long way in helping EdCo provide a career-changing community for ALL teachers. Customize your donation here and directly support classrooms, teachers, and students in all settings.

✔️ Thank you for your generous contribution!

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Teachers are the most important school-based factor in the learning outcomes of students. Your support for EdCo cuts through the headlines and goes directly to supporting teachers working in classrooms and schools all over the city. A monthly donation to EdCo is a direct line to investing in the practices, supports, and community that helps make teaching, classrooms, and schools better.
From from interdisciplinary lesson planning across school sectors, to non-evaluative peer observation and feedback, from anti-racist practices, to rehumanizing our classrooms, EdCo makes direct support possible for teachers, by teachers.Research shows teachers in professional communities that facilitate collaboration enjoy longer careers in the classroom. Monthly donations to the Educators’ Cooperative guarantee even more teachers get access to our collaborative network.