We are each other’s own best resource.


The Educators’ Cooperative creates the time and space for teachers from all sectors to collaborate and share best practices in teaching and learning. We build and nurture a professional community of educators on behalf of all of Nashville’s students.

Teachers in The Educators’ Cooperative work together in an active community of support and development with other like-minded professionals who work in classrooms all over the city. We meet for an intense week-long workshop in the summer to share best practices, and create working groups focused on tackling specific issues and topics. Click here to learn more about what teachers do in the week-long summer Cooperative workshop.

Once the summer workshop is over, Cooperative teachers enter the second phase of the Cooperative: monthly meetings in schools all over the city and online conversations. Cooperative teachers share resources, provide professional support, and share experiences and best practices in teaching and learning in a private online workspace. We also meet monthly for coffee and conversations in schools in neighborhoods all over Nashville. Click here to learn more about the Cooperative’s continuing collaboration and support throughout the school year.