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My life has been forever changed! At the point of me wondering if I should leave education, EdCo lit a fire in me that convinced me to stay.

EdCo Member

Cohort 8

Summer Workshop was the most invigorating experience I’ve had around how much I feel I can offer my students, my community, and my fellow educators. Thanks EdCo!

EdCo Member

Cohort 8

I want you to know how impactful these workshops are for me. Knowing I’ll have that space throughout the year is such a comfort!

Workshop Participant

4th Grade Teacher, MNPS

“Connecting with so many amazing people – reflecting and learning – this is different than any other workshop I’ve done – I feel energized and recharged!”

EdCo Member

Cohort 5

“I’m more aware of what I need as a human in order to be the best teacher I can be than I ever was before, and I’m not going back.”

EdCo Member

Cohort 6

“I had so many moments where I made connections between the book club, the panel, and my own previous experience that it felt like everything was being woven together so nicely!”

EdCo Member

Cohort 7

“I am floored by the amount of empowerment, connection, and support that has flooded into both me and my teaching practice over the course of the last week. EdCo Summer Workshop reminded me time and time again that this work is worth doing, and that education, by nature, is ever-evolving!”

EdCo Member

Cohort 8

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