Catching Your Breath

Checking in with one another and offering community care and support of all educators. Join us virtually at

Culture Corner: Art in Education and Community, “Making Thinking Visible” with Mike Mitchell and James Marvel Wells from Crayola’s CreatED Program

Visuals are a great way to understanding what is going on in a child's mind. Why are visuals important in education? In what ways can we utilize visual thinking to increase student engagement? Teacher engagement? Join a conversation with Mike and James and walk away with ideas and resources. Join us virtually at


Join us in sharing and celebrating your #WinOfTheWeek and play trivia! Join us virtually at

Antiracist Teaching, Learning, and Leading from the Classroom

Hosted By: The Educators' Cooperative Registration includes an opportunity to submit a question or topic to panelists, access to recorded video of panelists discussing submitted questions, and participation in a live Q&A with the panelists. Attendees will also participate in an action-planning/resource sharing session that will immediately follow the Live Q&A, facilitated by teachers. Event Price: Educators […]

Kicking Off Black History Month

Come celebrate, raise, and praise the people and events of Black history. Share how you bring essential stories to your students and ask other teachers for ideas and input. Join us virtually at this link:

Bela Herring, Self Care and Mindfulness

Mindful school of Nashville Founder shares resources and practices to stay centered. Join us virtually at this link:

#WinOfTheWeek w/ Scattergories

Join us in celebrating and sharing your #WinOfTheWeek and play Scattergories! Join us virtually at this link: