The Educators' Cooperative offers more than just a sense of community. We provide resources to both EdCo Members and Non-Members. Below is a list of both free Non-Member and EdCo Member resources. They range from lesson plan catalogs to video archives of EdCo Workshops. These resources are for teachers, by teachers.

See below to utilize our free Non-Member and EdCo Member archives.

Free Resources For All Educators

EdCampNash notes library

EdCo Member-only Resources

EdCo understands that the classroom is a rapidly evolving professional environment. Its needs are ever-changing and the Cooperative wants to help teachers meet these needs sustainably. This is why resources for teachers, by teachers, are important. The following resources are made available only to Member Teachers who have participated in a Summer Workshop.

- Access to private online workspace, moderated by EdCo leadership

- 12+ hours of Antiracist Teaching Panel video archive 

- Beyond Buzzwords SEL + Mindfulness video archive 

- EdCo Lending Library, hosted at EdCoLab, our collaborative resource library located at The Packing Plant, 507 Hagan St, Nashville, TN 37203

-EdCo Exchange - Professional Development or Extra Hands comes to you! Access the network for non-evaluative observation and feedback or request assistance with lab prep, classroom activities, or more. Members only, click here.