Antiracist Teaching, Learning, & Leading

Teachers’ desire to engage in the work of creating and nurturing actively antiracist classrooms and schools has never been more urgent. For some, this work is part of who they are when they wake up in the morning, and for others, this is new work. Teachers at every point on that spectrum need the vocabulary, context, working knowledge of the history, and access to the thoughts and perspectives of leaders who have been doing the work to shape a more just and equitable system.

This work isn’t a lesson plan or a rapid response to breaking news. The work of undoing the harm of both systemic and internalized elements of racism and white supremacy is challenging and can be a life-long journey. These panels help make that possible, and the partnerships created at these events help ensure that the work can continue and grow into better practices in all settings – public, private, and charter. We are growing teacher community, and we hope you will join us in this essential work.

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