If You Only Knew

It has been said recently that we have lost a year of instruction, and without a doubt we know this was a tough year, and we know for students unable to attend classes there is work to be done.  We also know that teachers have done everything they can to stop that loss.  Interruptions aren’t new to teachers, neither are challenges, complexities, or a full plate.  

We know this to be true because we see it in action in our community of teachers everyday.  We recently interviewed three EdCo Members, Dave Harrison, 4th grade teacher at Gower Elementary, Chris Collins, 9th and 10th grade math teacher at Hume Fogg Academic Magnet, and Allison Hardy, Chemistry teacher at Hillwood High School, and when asked what is something you wish non-teachers knew about teaching, that was their answer, we aren’t just hoping for the best, we are planning for it. 

“I wish non-teachers could really, really understand how much heart teachers put into what they do,” says Dave.  Every choice is intentional, from the first activity to the last.

Chris’s sentiments echo Dave’s, “You don’t realize the above and beyond level that teachers are going to.” Even in the face of a global pandemic, that level hasn’t dropped.

And Allison agrees, “The amount of planning that I put into things; how much of my heart goes into every little slide that I put on there, how much thought.  And just how much time every little thing takes.”

Teachers put in hours upon hours of planning.  Planning outside of working hours.  Planning during breaks.  Planning all summer long.  They don’t do it for praise, they do it because it’s what it takes.  They’re doing everything in their power to make learning happen, no matter the circumstance, and it isn’t by accident.  It’s planned that way.

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